Progressive Dinner – Through Local Homes

Duration: 04:30 (Approx.)

Leave behind the familiar surroundings of your resort and venture out to local villages to experience true Cook Islands cuisine, hospitality and the real spirit of culture & lifestyle, when you visit with locals in their homes!

Walkthrough the tropical garden at the home of your first host, who serves your ‘first course’ for the night. Then it is off to enjoy your ‘main course’, where you will be treated to a buffet feast, similar to what you would expect at a large Cook Islands family gathering. Then, your ‘dessert’ host will delight you with local sweets, fruit as well as tea and coffee. When enjoying your meals at each home, you will be delighted by the sounds of local ukuleles, guitar and voices of the small string band that will accompany you throughout your local dining experience.

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Progressive Dinner – Through Local Homes